Ammons Communications with it’s imprint, Catch the Spirit of Appalachia, does cooperative publishing, ie:
We complete all the details it takes to publish independently at a conservative cost to the writer:
 (These are one time charges.)
    • Formatting the book layout                 
    •Acquiring ISBN #
    •Acquiring Library of Congress #             
    •Acquiring bar code #
    •Typesetting if necessary
    •Front cover layout
    •Back cover layout
    •Working with the printer  

The printing is the larger cost, depending on quantity ordered and the amount of pages. However, once the up-front costs are funded, the book once printed belongs 100% to the author. All income from the book goes to the author. We help with up-front marketing and PR.  Before we do any of the above, the novel must be read to see if it's ready for publishing or needs extra work. The charge for this is $100. If we publish, this fee will not be charged.
    Anyone, anywhere can order our books— if they know about them—through the efforts of the author, through online advertising, Books in Print, friends of the author, bookstore orders, news releases, TV or radio interview, etc. The major bookstores will order the book through the publisher rather than through an independent writer. When we receive orders from anyone, we simply forward the information on to the author at no cost.

Our mission is to help people publish their own stories, their own passion.

Saving Our Heritage  Through Memoirs, Novels, and Children's Books

Save Your Heritage by Publishing Your Story

Catch the Spirit of Appalachia, Inc.

Saving our heritage through Memoirs, Novels, and children's Books

Catch the Spirit of Appalachia now has a website devoted to the sale of some of our books, giving you the option of purchasing the books and learning about the authors. Currently we are working on our 142nd book.  As new books are published, different titles will be shown below.  To check out the site, go to

Here are a few of our more recent titles:

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